Sunday, 31 August 2008

Gibson corrects 'geographically challenged' Peacock

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SNP MSP has called Peter Peacock 'geographically challenged' after the Labour MSP claimed that there was no Highlands and Islands representation on the Scottish Governments Food and Drink Leadership Forum.

Mr Gibson pointed out that one of the members, Ken Mackenzie, was born, schooled and lives in the Highlands.

Mr Mackenzie grew up in Drumnadrochit, studied at Inverness Royal Academy, and lives in Inverness. He was heavily involved in the year of Highland Culture as well as communities throughout the region in his capacity as Chief Officer for the Scottish Co-op.

MR Gibson said...

"Last time I checked Inverness was still the capital of the Highlands and Drumnadrochit hadn't magically moved to a greenfeild site outside Barcelona. That seems to suggest to me that some one hailing from Drumnadrochit and living in Inverness is indeed a Highlander. So the claim that there is no Highland Representation on the forum is wrong, unless Peter Peacock and the Labour Party knows something about geography that I don't."

"I find it fairly amusing and mildly worrying that a former convener of Highland Council and Education Minister could be that geographically challenged! I know that Scottish Labour are looking to go in a new direction, I only hope (for their sake) that Peter Peacocks isn't their navigator! Or they might find themselves up the strath without a paddle!"

"Are Labour prepared to support the working groups from throughout Scotland that will help build the first National Food Policy Scotland has had?"


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