Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Letter in Am Bratach Magazine

November Edition

Dear Ed.,

It would be tedious and a waste of space to refute the allegations of ignorance, ignoring voters and which universe I am alleged to live in. So I am delighted that Mike Russell's response to Shucksmith has repelled the burdens issue and reinforced the need for democratic local direction for crofting. Democratically elected area boards for example for the North of Scotland mainland should avoid any more loose talk of commissars or the ABC of Communism which bizarrely arose in certain individual comments in your columns.

Whilst the Scottish Crofting Foundation may not please every crofter, especially the most vocal amongst your readership, it gladly welcomed the Minister's presence and proposals at the Barra AGM. I look forward to scrutinising the proposed crofting legislation and urge interested parties to read the Government Response to Shucksmith delivered to Parliament on 1st October. It blew gales of common sense through a period of, sometimes deliberate, misunderstanding. These October gales blow away many cobwebs from crofting practices and augur an inclusive and sustainable future. I thoroughly endorse Mike Russell's common sense.

Rob Gibson MSP
4 Grant St., Wick, Caithness

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