Thursday, 11 February 2010

Everybody's Gone Surfin'

A campaign by the Scottish Surfing Federation is working toward gaining recognition from the International Surfing Association (ISA) to field a seperate Scottish team in their competitions, independent of team GB.

At present the International Surfing Association ISA only recognises team GB despite the fact they separately recognise teams from Hawaii and the USA.

A Scottish team makes sense, and it doesn't need to stop there...

I am happy to add my support to the campaign from the Scottish Surfing Federation to gain international acceptance and recognition for a separate Scottish team. Scottish shores are now a firm fixture on the world surfing map. It is developing a culture and feel all of its own. The next logical step is for a separate team to further highlight the distinctiveness of Scotland.

The prestigious Thurso Cold Water Classic sees the surfing world come to Caithness and judging by the trophy (a Highland broad sword) then Scotland is very much a theme in the event. So it would be good therefore to see surfers under the banner of Scotland competition.

I hope that the ISA will reconsider their decision to deny Scotland's own place in competitions and make the same distinction for Scotland as they do for Hawaii. Indeed I see no reason why that other Celtic country and surfing Mecca Cornwall shouldn't have their own team as well.

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