Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Eco driving produces results

Hosted by the Energy Saving Trust Scotland as part of its Eco-drive campaign, the Eco-driving Experience involved driving 2 circuits of a specially designed course. The first was driven as normal with an expert adviser taking notes. The adviser gave tips for how the drive could be more efficient (such as driving a little slower than your normal speed). The second drive was then done, taking into account the tips given earlier and then the difference in fuel consumption between the two trips was measured.

I was shown smarter driving techniques and fuel saving tips, saving 14% in terms of fuel consumed whilst driving around this specially designed course near to the Scottish Parliament building in Edinburgh.

The Eco-driving initiative, which I was delighted to support, reminds us all of the importance of taking a small amount of time to save energy in our daily lives, whether it is driving more economically, or walking to the shops instead of driving a short distance. This is not only good for reducing all of our carbon emissions, but good for the pocket too, by saving money at this time of rising prices.

The Energy Saving Trust provides independent, expert advisers to help householders save energy in their homes and cut their fuel bills. I would urge people in the Highlands and Islands to take the time to call their local Energy Saving Trust Advice Centre on 0800 512 012 to find out how they can save energy and money, or visit the website at”

Pictured is: Myself with Ian Murdoch, Manager, Scottish Transport, Energy Saving Trust, at the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh.

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