Friday, 14 May 2010

A wasteful decision

Disappointingly, following an appeal, a waste to energy plant has been given the go-ahead for Invergordon after it was blocked by Councillors earlier this year.

The huge carbon footprint of gathering waste for such a plant should be spurring us to reuse, repair, recycle as these are our best weapons against any economic case for such a waste to power plant.

We should be looking to produce less waste not more,so that they can power waste to energy incinerators. This is a retrograde step which will not be welcomed by the vast majority of people in Invergordon and surrounding area.

And it was disingenuous to blame the SNP Scottish Government for the decision. It bears noting that the reporter was independent of the SNP and the decision was not party political.

These are points I raised on Wednesday speaking in the Zero Waste debate in the Scottish Parliament on Wednesday, and I will continue advocating this.

The LibDem administration has no cause to lash out. Along with SNP Cllr Maxine Smith we have been strong and consistent opponents of the scheme and will continue to be.

However now we see the Lib Dem led Highland Council administration in their true light. If they oppose incinerators, why was there no amendment by their MSPs in the Zero Waste debate in Parliament to that effect? Or are they merely as divided as ever when it comes to the crunch?

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