Monday, 8 December 2008

MSP — not a lickspittle of lairds

Published in December's Am Bratach Magazine

Permit me to pen a line or two by way of support for Rob Gibson MSP.

Though living just beyond the Highland Line, I am of proud Highland extraction; and the County of Sutherland — where I holiday frequently — is aye dear to the heart of a true Gael.

And it is as a Gael that I can see what a fine man Rob Gibson is. I know he works tirelessly for his constituents — and with his deep knowledge of crofting and Highland culture, it is a mistake for Messrs Mackenzie and Forbes to take gratuitous pot-shots at him in the letters page of Am Bratach.

Instead Forbes and the Mackenzies (several of them!) would do well to haud their wheest and listen to Rob.

Unlike some, Rob’s loyalty is not in doubt. Unlike some, he is not a lickspittle of the lairds — instead he bravely stands up for a new future for crofting. Study what he has said on the Mound — it is all there to be read on the web!

Of course true Gaels might be forgiven for speculating that the fell hand of party politics might have guided certain pens. Rob Gibson is a Scottish Patriot. No more needs to be said!

Airson na h-Alba
6 Stevenson Street

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