Monday, 8 December 2008

Scotland's Housing Expo/Highland Housing Fair

At the Cross Party Group for Architecture held in CR5 on Thursday 2nd December we heard a presentation on an exciting new housing expo which will be a first in Scotland. My colleague Cllr Jean Urquhart and her team from Highland Council filled in the details of what is now called Scotland's Housing Expo, subtitles the Highland Housing Fair. It is planned for august 2010 on a site on the southern outskirts of Inverness. I gave a social and economic introduction.

The benefits of such a project to the Highlands and Scotland are legion. Namely, this is a first for Scotland and will put us on a par with our European counterparts - with the proven success of housing fairs particularly in Scandinavia.
It has the capacity to influence the nature of future housing in Highland, and across the nation, through it's ethos of high quality design and sustainability.

It recently changed the name to 'Scotland's Housing Expo' in recognition of its national importance, although the team still retain the strap line Highland Housing Fair as they are proud that it is in the Highlands. It is highly significant in the Highlands with it's diversity of housing needs.

The team is now looking to the Scottish Parliament to recognise the importance of the project and invite all MSP's to support Scotland's Housing Expo.

I complimented Highland Council for initiating the project, and the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland (RIAS) who have backed it, and accredited the architectural competition.

More news soon.


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