Monday, 31 August 2009

Glendale Life

The Glendale trust have today written to Highland Council requesting continued access to the Borrodale School buildings for a permanent heritage exhibition

The Glendale Trust have written the following letter to the Highland Council:

"I write with reference to your kind permission to allow “The Glendale Trust” to have been given access to the portacabin at Borrodale School from the 17-29th August 2009 to host a heritage exhibition and to seek permission that we can continue to use this resource to benefit the community from an education perspective.

The exhibition has been an unqualified success that has had an extremely positive impact on the community of Glendale.

We have been able to cover a wide range of subjects for example the issue of land reform and the relevance of Glendale to the struggle for crofters rights through the land league, the activities of the Glendale martyrs and the evidence given to the Napier Commission here in Glendale.

We have also been able to showcase important crofting records that we have obtained that go back to the beginning of the 19th Century. There is a significant display on the war dead of Glendale from both world wars as well as artefacts from that time.

I am also pleased to say we have a significant display on Borrodale School itself as well as covering the people of Glendale.

The exhibition has proved popular with locals and visitors alike, with a steady stream of people visiting the school over the two week period.

We were particularly delighted to welcome a group of pupils who came to visit from Dunvegan primary school to look over the exhibits, to watch some film archive we have from the 1920s and 1930s as well as to hear the tales of our older generations who were able to inform them of times gone by in Glendale.

As well as the main exhibition we have also put on special events such as a talk by local historian George Macpherson and a film night which was attended by more than sixty people.

I am sure you will agree that what we have put together is a very important historical record, albeit one we can build on, of life in Glendale and of course a resource that has much educational merit.

What has also particularly pleased us has been the response from the local community, with many individuals spending a considerable amount of time at the exhibition, many of whom have made multiple visits.

Having established the heritage exhibition over a two week period and having had such an overwhelming positive response from the community it is our intention to build on this initiative.

The Glendale Trust will be developing a business plan with a view of obtaining funding that would allow us to mount an exhibition on a permanent basis and to build on the knowledge and appreciation of our local history including a resource that would allow locals and visitors to study the genealogical links to the people of Glendale.

In this regard I write to formally request if it would be possible for The Glendale Trust to be granted access to the school buildings in order that we can continue to showcase this material for the benefit of the community of Glendale?

The trust would suggest that this would be good use of this facility that would result in the premises continuing to serve a broad based educational purpose and of course creating good use of what is currently an empty building.

Granting of such access would allow us to continue our work to build up the exhibition.

Ian Blackford,
The Glendale Trust.

*S3M-4720 Rob Gibson: Glendale Life—That the Parliament congratulates the Glendale Trust for mounting a heritage exhibition, displayed in Borrodale school, on the life of Glendale people in the last 200 years; commends the content of the show donated by many whose families and work have enhanced the life of this corner of the Isle of Skye; recalls the important part played by Glendale folk in the crofters’ struggles of the 1880s and its unique place in the establishment of the people’s right to live on their own land, and welcomes the growing support to retain Borrodale school as a heritage centre for the area.

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