Friday, 9 October 2009

New info on non lecture

New information has come to light and it seems the advertised lecture due to be given by the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England Charles Bean at UHI Millennium Institute this month was never going to take place, despite it being publically advertised, I've just learned.

This only renews my calls for a representative from the Bank of England to give evidence to the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee of the Scottish Parliament banking crisis inquiry.

It seems the Bank of England had never sanctioned a public lecture by Mr Bean in the first place but WILL meet privately with business people at various points in Scotland - just not publically.

The central fact still remains that they refuse to come to the Scottish Parliament and be accountable to it. Their information would be a vital part of the committee's findings yet for reasons only known to themselves they refuse to attend.

I call for them yet again to recognise these unprecedented economic times, that they are open and transparent to the institutions of Scotland and that they appear in front of the Committee, which has had good will and co-operation from many agencies, institutions and individuals north and south of the border.

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