Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Clydesdale Bank’s new £20 bank notes enter circulation

The first of Clydesdale Bank’s new world heritage bank notes will entered circulation on the 19th of October. The new £20 notes are now available in Clydesdale Bank retail branches and the majority of ATMs across the country.

The £20 note features iconic images of the historic mill house New Lanark on one side and Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland, on the other.

Clydesdale Bank’s new world heritage note collection showcases the best of Scotland’s heritage, people and culture and is the first time in over 20 years the Bank has launched a completely new set of notes.

Introduced to mark the year of the Homecoming, the front of each new note will honour a prominent and innovative Scot while the reverse will feature one of Scotland’s five World Heritage sites.

Clydesdale Bank is the largest issuer of notes in Scotland, with over £1.1bn in circulation in any given week.

The new notes will be the first in the UK to use a new ‘depth image’ hologram security feature.

Collectable notes from the new collection were part of Clydesdale Bank’s recent auctions of rare and valuable bank notes, where a £1 note sold for £9,000 breaking the previous world record for the sale of a Scottish bank note. In total, across the two auctions, the Bank raised over £200,000 for charities across the UK.
The designs on the rest of the notes are:
• £5 Featuring Sir Alexander Fleming, who discovered penicillin, on the front and St Kilda on the reverse.
• £10 Featuring Robert Burns on the front and The Old & New Towns of Edinburgh on the reverse.
• £20 Featuring Robert the Bruce on the front and New Lanark on the reverse.
• £50 Featuring Elsie Inglis, a suffragette and surgeon, on the front and the Antonine Wall on the reverse.
• £100 Featuring Charles Rennie Mackintosh, architect and designer, on the front and the Heart of Neolithic Orkney on the reverse.

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